Her path in life has never followed a straight line. Being parentless since her childhood, she was raised by her grandmother.

After losing their home in an unfortunate fire, they begin to wander the world. Before the life gets to reveal in front of her, the child becomes her grandmother’s object of exploitation. She is everything her grandmother was left to offer in order to live the new life and the life she once lived, in the youth that comes to light only through the sound of a mysterious tango…

Yvonne comes up for sale and her body becomes a feast which can be enjoyed for a few pesos…

In the middle of this nightmare, the only thing that makes her soul remind of her childhood is a sincere love. This destiny – which she did not choose but was pushed towards with brutality – becomes a fight against her own flesh, against the Church, against the hideousness of those around her and against the last ghost of hope she strives to have.

Is Yvonne going to remain the lost bet between her grandmother and faith or is she going to succeed in living her own life?

Starting from an original script, the director Mihai Mălaimare is proposing an almost alchemical performance, a pot where the moment of unreal delicacy fume at the same temperature with unsettling powerful images! Resembling a painting with Velasquez` penumbras, Dali`s colours and Mucha`s filigree, Yvonne awakes a South-American world, that looks like our in some aspects, a bewildering world where you can dances tango even during nightmares!


Yvonne – Amalia Popa

Bunica – Alina Crăiță

Senatorul – Sorin Dincluescu

Văduvoiul – Valentin Mihalache

Ulisse – Alexandru Ionescu

Amadis – Eugen Fetescu

Fotograful – Ionuț Gheorghe

Un domn bătrân cu aripi enorme –Cristiana Savu

Călugărița – Cristina Panait

Femeia păianjen – Andreea Bănică

Aistenta femeii păianjen – Maria Panainte

Blacaman – Valentin Mihalache

Asistena lui Blacaman-Laura Dumitrașcu Duică

Porfirio Galan – Cristinel Dadal

Femeile – Laura Dumitrașcu-Duică, Vera Bratfalean, Cristiana Savu, Andreea Bănică, Alina Bondic, Maria Panainte

Prezentatoarea- Maria Panainte

Indienii – Valentin Mihalache, Laura Dumitrșcu-Duică, Cristina Panait, Cristiana Savu, Alexandru Ionescu, Eugen Fetescu, Ionuț Gheorghe, Cristinel Dadal, Andreea Bănică, Vera Bratfalean


Writer and directo – Mihai Mălaimare

Production design – Anca Albani și Puiu Antemir

Costumes – Anca Albani

Choreography – Mirela Simniceanu

Music – Alexandru Diaconu

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