Women’s Gossip

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Cecchina marries Beppo and her life seems to be in place. But in this jungle that the town is, there’s one weapon that can destroy it all: gossip. In the most beautiful city in the world, Venice, everyone gossips about everything, without mercy and remorse, and love is the only thing that can hope to ever overcome it.

Cecchina, who is about to marry Beppo, wakes up in the swirl of a infamous plot forged by the towns most renowed gossipers, two of her closest relatives. Will she succeed to defend her love, to overcome all and to hug lover in the end? The show is a cavalcade of words, funny situations, an excellent oportunity for a healthy and comforting laugh.


Pantalone – Cosmin Creţu

Jupan Toni – Nicolae Pungă

Checchina – Cristina Panait

Beppo – Sebastian Ghiţă

Beatrice – Anamaria Pislaru

Eleonora – Dora Iftode

Catte – Emilia Manea

Sgualda – Alina Crăiţă

Anzoletta – Laura Dumitraşcu Duică

Ottavio -Sorin Dinculescu

Arlechhino – Mihai Mălaimare

Lelio Ardeni – Aurel Sandu

Toffolo – Cristian Neacşu

Musa – Valentin Mihalache

Un chelner – Eugen Fetescu

Alte roluri : Robert Poiană

Creative Team:

Regia: Mihai Mălaimare

Scenografia: Sanda Mitache

Coregrafia: Mirela Simniceanu

Muzica: Gabriel Bassarabescu

Parteneri si colaboratori:

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