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Masca Theater was established by Government Decision on May 24, 1990, and describes itself as a theater of gesture, pantomime and bodily expression, being the only theater of this kind in Romania.

A one-of-a-kind theatre in the capital of Romania, “Masca” was the first company to introduce street performances and alternative forms of theatre in Romania. ,,Masca” is constantly developing and offering its audience innovative performances rooted in Lecoque’s teachings and breakthroughs.

Since its foundation, Masca Theater evolved along two main paths:

street theater (with performances centered around clowns, commedia dell’arte, medieval theater, large marionettes, living statues, etc.) involving performers with a vast array of means of expression: clownerie, juggling, various instruments, tap dance, pantomime, living statues, handling large marionettes (2 meter tall), dancing, singing, acrobatics, etc.

indoor shows with an elaborate script, inspired by great authors of world literature (N. V. Gogol, G. G. Marquez, E. Briusov, J. L. Borjes, W. Shakespeare), which are closely related in style to dance theater, with very little or no dialogue, the actor being the focal point of the shows, the unique keeper of the mystery of theater

Ever since its establishment, Masca Theater unequivocally assumed a cultural and social vocation that was defined by performances and events organized after having identified the needs of culturally-isolated groups or groups within poor communities, by projects addressed to families and projects that bring performing arts to the people, alternative theater performed in unconventional spaces. In addition, Masca Theater is part of the European artistic movement, being a member of the international network for contemporary performing arts – IETM.

The cultural context and the features of the cultural offering

From a cultural perspective, the activities of Masca Theater address the needs of a community with very diverse cultural expectations, providing cultural services that are conceptually creative and professionally comprehensive and competitive.

From an educational perspective, training its own audience involved:

• familiarizing the audience with the non-verbal style

• familiarizing the audience with the theatrical presentation of major topics in the field of theater (commedia dell’arte, the musical, dance theater, the clown, pantomime blanche, living statues, large marionettes, cabaret, black light theater, etc.)

• involvement in shows with an important social aspect

• recognizing beauty and accepting it as a reliable alternative to the gray scenery of everyday life

• shaping the artistic taste of its future audience through specific shows, performances within events specific to their age, classes at Masca school of physical theater.

From a social perspective, the projects of Masca Theater help consolidate a sense of community within a residential community, by defining an identifiable style and, therefore, a style that can be and is associated to the sense of belonging to a community, by initiating projects of a profound social-cultural nature.

The programs of Masca Theater are defined by their aesthetic, cultural, educational and social functions, which Mask undertook as part of its mission.

Masca is the only theater that, in addition to its activities strictly related to the profession and the art it promotes, carries out a huge number of social-cultural programs, defining as accurately as possible the profile of a modern entity with flexible organization and management, the initiator of a genuine discourse, a recognized catalyzer of energies.

During its existence of over 26 years, an impressive number of performances, cultural projects and events were organized and carried out. The troupe performs in over 250 shows a year.

Some of the projects are one-off events, others have reached their 20th edition. Some of these projects are organized by Masca Theater, others are projects where Masca Theater was invited to participate. Projects are carried out in Romania and elsewhere, with Romanian or European participants.

Multi-annual projects organized and carried out by Masca Theatre

– THE CITY BENEATH THE CITY a project initiated in Bucharest’s subway station,

– THE LIVING STATUES FESTIVAL – international Living Statues Festival is the only one of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe, and its first edition was organized in 2011 (10-13 june) in one of most known park in Bucharest Herastrau, at the initiative of Masca Theatre

– THE FESTIVAL ,,EUROPEAN MASKS AT MASCA,, a project designed to familiarize the Romanian public and Romanian theater professional with a special type of theatre that is very rare in Romania,the theater of movement,gesture, pantomime, corporeal expression, clownery-which is however very popular in the Europe Union, implying yhe unmediated contact between performes and their audience.


– 1992 – Beast Leading Actor – Mihai Malaimare in DEATH HAS DIED, Egipt

– 2002 – National Order for Faithful Service received by Mihai Malaimare as Knight

– 2004 – Special Prize of the jury for INTRUDER, Theatre Festival at Plovdiv, Bulgaria

– 2004 – Grand Prize for INTRUDER, Theatre Festival at Piatra Neamt, Romania

– 2005 – Special Prize from the Romanian Composers Association, for the soundtrack of THE MIRROR, by Paul Urmuzescu

-2008 – Masca Theatre was awarded,during the UNITER Gala, the UNITER special award for performance in non-verbal theatre:Mihai Malaimare and Masca Theater, Encomium-Nicolae Manolescu

-2009- During the 2009 ,, Performig Arts Gala,, an event organized by the Office of the Mayor of Bucharest, Mihai Malaimare received the Award for performance in Management

-2010 at the 20th anniversary of the Romanian theatre of gesture,pantomime, and body expression,as a sign of appreciation fot the outstanding contribution to the reputation of Romanian theatre, the president of romania presented the Masca theatre with the Order of Cultural Merit in the grade ,, Knight”, for the category ,, performing Arts,,

– 2012 – Best Show and Best Leadin Actor for Sebastian Ghita and BLUE CANARY, International Festival of Theatre, Movie and Photography Hyperion Stud Fest 2012

– 2013 – Special Prize for Courage, Initiative and Talen, awarded by the British Council to Mihai Malaimare

2015 – at the 25th anniversary of the Romanian theatre of gesture, pantomime, and body expression, as a sign of appreciation fot the outstanding contribution to the reputation of Romanian theatre, the president of romania presented the Masca theatre with the Order of Cultural Merit in the grade ,, Knight”, for the category ,, performing Arts,,

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