WALNUT: Strategy

A Strategy for the WALNUT Association’s Activities 2013-2015

Mask Theatre aims to develop an association with its partners – an international cultural network – based on an original Convention of performing arts professionals, WALNUT. From the beginning, in the Research phase, we have to set a strategy for developing the international relationships between partners in the WALNUT Convention. It is also stated who can be a member of this convention: any professional of the art of theatre, actor, director, playwright, composer, choreographer, designer, artist, dancer, art critic, columnist and so on.

In the Planning stage we set the common objectives of the partners (these are specified in the manifest of the Convention). Also, we identify potential personalities to participate and support the achievement of these objectives, personalities which are likely to be invited to join the Association. Next we plan several actions on short and medium term, as follows:

  1. Organization and holding of the meeting of the Walnut Convention establishing (deadline – May, 2013);
  2. Establishing the Walnut Association as a Romanian legal entity. The founding members of the Association will be the members of the Walnut Convention (deadline – December 2013);
  3. Introducing on our theatre’s website a subdomain for the Walnut Association. There will be posted informations about the activities of the association. Also, in this respect, a strategy will be developed for mutual promoting of performances, festivals and all creations of the members of the Association. (deadline – February 2014)
  4. Organizing a first meeting of the members of the association in order to establish a portofolio of mutual actions and developing, in early 2014, some collaborative projects about:
    1. scheduling meetings and events for the purpose of exchanging informations between members: conferences, workshops, festivals etc. (permanent agenda)
    2. identifying special funds and sources for proper fnancing joint cultural projects (permanent agenda)
    3. making proposals for new members which could strengthen the association with their personality and diversify its range of activities

During the first two stages of our strategy we succedeed in identifying and contacting the personalities that will become members of the Walnut Convention. Also, the objectives of the association were established. The Walnut Convention was founded ant its members are: Mihai Malaimare, Manager of Mask Theatre in Bucharets, Romania; Iovan Cirilov, Manager of BITEF Festival in Belgrad, Serbia; Orlin Dyacov, Manager of Sava Oganiov Theatre in Bulgaria; Pascal Larue, Manager of Théâtre de l’Enfumeraie, France; Alexander Grecu, President of the Moldavian Theatres Union; Aura Corbeanu, Vice President of the Romanina Theatres Union; Doina Migkleczi, Manager of Ariel Theatre in Ramnicu Valcea, Romania; Calin Sabac, President of VBC Association, Romania.

At the end of 2014 there will be an evaluation of the Walnut Association activities taking account of the effects of the strategy mentioned so far. The evaluations will be based on the Walnut Associations statute, evaluation criteria agreed with members of the new association, its objectives, undertaken activities, results and analysis of invested resources.

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