WALNUT: Concept

An International Convention of Performing Arts Professionals

The WALNUT (Romanian: nuca) is a fruit with a hard shell, which is very hard to crack, its inside is sweet and is made up of symmetric, perfectly matching parts.

We, the persons attending this convention, hereby decide to set up a free association of performing arts professionals, in order to identify strategies for cooperation and to develop together, as partners, joint activities and projects. This convention includes and is open to theater companies, theater festivals, and individual professionals in the performing arts and the visual arts – actors, directors, scenic designers, critics and composers.

The values supported by this convention are creativity, innovation, motivation, knowing to listen, and knowing to share knowledge and experience.

The mission of this convention is to facilitate international cultural exchanges and to promote genuine cultural values, placing an emphasis on quality criteria and professionalism.

The vision of this convention is to become a powerful driver for promoting and educating the perception of the artistic act, bringing together all the similarities and the differences between various cultures in the world.

WALNUT Convention is based on the following principles:

1. Promoting creativity and genuine cultural values, both contemporary and historical;
2. Rejecting all compromise in art;
3. Nurturing multiculturalism and tolerance;
4. Driving the involvement of young people in the artistic act;
5. Employing art to determine an improvement in the quality of life in impoverished urban or rural areas;
6. Respect for independent decision-making and the common interest.

The purpose of WALNUT convention is to create and develop a network for cultural cooperation between the partners, with the following aims:

1. To increase the role of partner theaters and festivals in the decision-making process concerning national and European cultural policies;
2. To help partners get to know each other better and trust each other more, and to nurture friendship among theater professionals;
3. To improve access, in partnerships, to national and EU funding of cultural activities, through large joint programs;
4. To create new opportunities for professional cultural exchanges;
5. To develop national and international links involving cultural activities with an educational, social, touristic or environmental purpose;
6. To promote and enhance the visibility of the partners’ home cities.

Based on the principles listed above, the cooperation between the partners to this convention will be characterized by openness and good will towards:

1. Informing each other and promoting each other’s events, premieres, festivals, etc. on the partners’ websites.
2. Organizing bilateral tours and exchanges, mutually supported.
3. Participation of personalities or groups, with the recommendation of the partners, in events/festivals organized by the other members, with shows, professional workshops, or lectures on topics given by the organizers or agreed with them.
4. Identifying papers/books in the relevant field, which would be translated and printed by interested partners, based on bilateral agreements.
5. Proposing, assessing and organizing jointly, with other partners, cultural projects that can be linked to national priority topics (education, tourism, the environment, social issues).
6. Working together to identify financing sources for cultural projects under EU-funded priority axes.

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