The Wall

The wall is a obstacle, a form of enclosure, a delimitation, a restraint,a geographical redefinition, a painful thought, an enshackling, a cuss, an obsession, a point of departure and a point of arrival, a life refused, an anxiety,death. it may also mean life with all its meanders, all its dreads its refusals,all its constraints and conventions; it may mean people’s need to unflinchingly keep going forward, to look for absolute freedom which can lie beyond all that is the Wall.

My characters are a man and a woman who live passionately, contending with it,and that is maybe why failure always appears to be victory. They struggle, they love and help one another, they dispair, yield,start over, dance to the music of the heavenly bodies,have a baby and go, leaving the Wall as legacy for those to come. Sometimes, I see the world as a labyrinth of walls leading to nowhere, at other times as a strange inscription of the Nazca desert where the lines, like walls, seem to be going somewhere. The only nightmare, from which I wake up drenched in sweat and breathless, is a world without Walls.

Caught in the mercilless embrace of the Wall, He and She live their life thinking of escape and constantly attempting it, every moment and with every thought. Each time, they succeed in making a few steps, and immediately their victory is turned into a failure, the Wall embracing to transform them into brick and mortar.

What the Wall can not take from them is their own power to live, their own power to love, to hope, to think. There are moments when one of them seem to giving in, but the other is always there to the rescue, to bring them back to life, to the fight. A passionate dance like a love among the heavenly bodies transforms the eternal  fight into the most beautiful of clashes of rock, the Human has the strenght of his permanence on Earth, New generations are born that will carry further the fight towards a possible and much-desired victory.The departure of some is the arrival of others and so on till beyond the end of the World


He – Eugen Fetescu
She -Cristina Panait

Artistic director – Mihai Mălaimare
Set – Remus Alexandru Gabor

Music- Razvan Alexandru Diaconu

Coreography -Mirela Simniceanu

Stage Director- Mihai Ceafalau

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