One house and 15 destinies which intersect each other playing hide and seek with life and death.

In the beginning of the 1930s, Bucharest`s city centre was shining bright and the wealthy people were breathing the clean air during careless walks next to the strangers, who were still astonished by the Little Paris. Once you came closer to the outskirts, you could see, as in one of Dante’s circles, that all around another city was coming to light.

Contrasting the shopwindows full of colors, the balconies full of flowers and the perfumed clothes in the city centre, there are shriveled walls and hot blooded people in the slum and above everyone the ashen is sniffing like a bored demon.

This is the world of those who are fighting from the first moment of their lives. They are fighting against themselves, against their faith, their cravings and against the people around them. They work during the day and rage at the others, whetting both their hate and love like rabid dogs with no moon to howl at… This is the story of those who know one season only: the season of madness.

Iacov – Alexandru Ionescu
Fana – Amalia Popa

Safta – Anamaria Pîslaru

Gore – Valentin Mihalache

Stârcu – Sorin Dinculescu

Salomia -Alina Crăiță

Fane, pușcăriașul – Mădălin Mladinovici

Maro – Cristiana Savu

Tino – Nicolae Pungă

Tinca – Dora Iftode

Pascu – Ionuț Gheorghe

Sultana – Cristina Panait

Domnica – Laura Dumitrașcu Duică

Ivan – Eugen Fetescu

Mădălina, picior de lemn – Alina Bondoc


Writer and directorl –Mihai Mălaimare

Production design and costumes – Sanda Mitache

Choreography –Mirela Simniceanu

Music – Răzvan Alexandru Diaconu

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