Scapin’s Deceits

Scapin’s Deceits, based on Moliere
Directed by Mihai Malaimare

Often called a “farce”, Scapin’s Trikery is perhaps Moliere’s most light-hearted comedy, inspired by folk literature.
A great work by one of the greatest playwrights in the world. A rather young troupe is giving it a try. A theatre company drawing close to a significant milestone: its 25 years anniversary! These are the premises for a performance that is one of the most interesting theatrical experiences of the last few years, for several reasons. First of all, because the clash between the text, which is immensely famous, and the troupe, which is young and barely known, is won by the actors, who managed not only to raise to the level of the play, but to also give it new shine.
You will love this show because it mill make you laugh to tears, because you will witness amazing dramatic creations, because your encounter with Moliere’s play will be an utterly extraordinary one.
Scapin’s Trickery is a wonderful show that Masca Theatre is glad to offer their audience at the very beginning of their 25th anniversary season. (Mihai Malaimare)
The plot of the show is the well-known story of two sons (Leandre and Octave) who get married (to Zerbinette and Hyacinthe) without the approval of their fathers (Geronte and Argante), and of a deceitful and malicious servant, Scapin, a “grand master of pulling strings”, who, in addition, is well-versed in coming out clean from even the most complicated ruses. But all his ruses seem to have a higher purpose: to help two couples in love to be together, against their fathers’ wishes. But the implication of this classic comedy is that chance is more successful in fulfilling destinies than all the efforts made by men: the similarities and preferences underlying the formation of the two couples ultimately match precisely what their parents had prescribed. It turns out that Hyacinthe is the daughter of Geronte and Zerbinette is the daughter of Argante.

Argante – Valentin Mihalache
Geronte – Aurel Sandu
Octave – Robert Poiana
Leandre – Cristian Neacsu
Zerbinette – Ioana Rufu
Hyacinthe – Oana Dragnea
Scapin – Massimilliano Nugnes
Sylvestre – Eugen Fetescu
Nerine – Laura Dumitrascu Duica
Director – Mihai Malaimare
Production design – Puiu Antemir
Costumes – Sanda Mitache
Choreography – Mirela Simniceanu
Oversized mask design – Lecturer Anca Albani, PhD
Assistants for the oversized mask design – Year 1 in Production Design: Kover Alexandru, Lucan Andrei, Catalina Teodora, Mateescu Miruna, Elena Georgescu. Year 1 in Graphic Design: Dumbraveanu Mircea. Year 2 in Graphic Design: Victor Dumitrescu
Music – Gabriel Basarabescu


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