Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet, based on W. Shakespeare
Scene 1
In his cell, Friar Laurence is looking sadly at the rose he gave Romeo and Juliet when they were married.
Scene 2
All the characters recite the prologue announcing the sad story that is about to be brought to life before the audience.
Scene 3
The ball at the House of Capulet, an event eagerly awaited by the entire higher class of Verona, and the scene of the fulminating encounter between Romeo and Juliet.
Scene 4
In the privacy of Laurence’s cell, attended only by The Nurse, Mercutio and Benvolio, the secret marriage of Romeo and Juliet takes place.
Scene 5
In the main square of Verona, the meeting between the young men ends in the death of Mercutio and Tybalt, to the despair of the two families, of the city’s inhabitants and of the Prince, who banishes Romeo.
Scene 6
The House of Capulet is planning Juliet’s marriage to Paris. Juliet’s refusal triggers the uncontrolled fury of her father, Lord Capulet. Abandoned by her mother and her nurse, Juliet is alone and weeps, begging for the power to die.
Scene 7
While in his cell, Laurence learns from Juliet the sad news of her impending marriage to Paris and gives her a powerful sleep potion that mimics her death, in order to thwart Capulet’s plans.
Scene 8
Juliet is alone and frightened, she drinks the potion and falls fast asleep, as if dead. The Capulets, accompanied by Paris, gather at her bedhead to mourn her wretched fate. At his request, Paris is left alone with Juliet.
Scene 9
Benvolio hurries to Mantua and gives Romeo the news of Juliet’s death. Romeo is devastated.
Scene 10
Romeo buys poison from an Apothecary, which he intends to use to end his life after seeing Juliet in the Capulet family crypt.
Scene 11
In the Capulet family crypt, Romeo and Paris fight, and Paris is killed. Romeo weeps next to Juliet’s body, he drinks the poison and dies. Friar Laurence enters, as Juliet wakes up only to discover in awe that Romeo was dead. Laurence tries to take her outside, but the destiny of the two youths is inescapable; Juliet stays with Romeo, she weeps in agony, and takes her own life with her lover’s dagger. Overcome with sadness, Laurence kneels next to the two bodies and places next to them the symbol of undying love, the red rose.
Scene 12
The two families, the inhabitants of Verona, the Prince are all powerless witnesses to the most awful tragedy, caused by their own inability to understand the true and beautiful love between Romeo and Juliet. They all travel through time and, reaching our own times, they convey to the world a message hidden in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 66: the filth of this world, that completely failed to understand the sacrifice of the two lovers, cannot be tolerated, cannot be accepted; love is the only solution for the world to at least try to take a better path.
Tired with all these, for restful death I cry,
As to behold desert a beggar born…




Romeo – Robert Poiană
Juliet – Cristina Panait
Capulet – Eugen Cristea
Lady Capulet – Haricleea Bădescu
Montague – Nicolae Pungă
Lady Montague – Ioana Rufu
Benvolio – Alexandru Floroiu
Mercutio – Massimiliano Nugnes
The Prince – Valentin Mihalache
Friar Laurence – Mihai Mălaimare
Tybalt – Aurel Sandu
Paris – Eugen Fetescu
The Nurse – Alina Crăiţă
An Apothecary – Cosmin Creţu
The Chorus: Andreea Corneanu, Virginia Vasilache, Sabina Mitrea, Maria Panţoianu, Florentina Panait, Mirela Simiceanu, Amalia Popa, Alex Robu, Cazara Pănulescu, Mladinovici Crăiţă, Daniel Niţu.

Writer and director – Mihai Mălaimare
Assistant director – Valentin Mihalache
Production design – Puiu Antemir
Costumes – Sanda Mitache
Music – Gabriel Basarabescu
Choreography – Mirela Simniceanu
Combat scenes – Ioan Albu


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