The Outskirts of Happiness, somewhere in the ‘30s, in a Bucharest where dreams die long before they’re even born!

Nastasia is a beautiful young girl with an amazing dream. She hopes to get away from the brutal conditions of the dark outskirts she lives into and to marry the elegant and educated Luca. The dream is to live in the center of the city, in Popa Nan, where she heard it would be much light and peace and that a whole different type of people live there. Luca lets her know that they will soon move in the new house and they are both excited and pleased that the nightmare will be over for her. But a good life cannot exist in such a place because in The Outskirts of Happiness Nastasia has a rival. Paraschiva wants to be with Luca and moreover Vulpașin, the anti-hero, also want to have Nastasia as his wife.

Will Nastasia manage to fullfill her dreams almost suffocated by the world she lives into? How will the story develop towards an unexpected end?

Every character’s hopes are smashed and burried just like a torrent full of mud coming downhill, leaving only sadness behind. The Outskirts of Happiness are kept together by a traditional music sang by a fiddler who brings love and death to dance.

Nastasia is definitely a play where you’ll find yourself laughing and crying along with an amazing group of actors.  Nastasia will surprise you with unique elements put together by Masca’s director Mihai Mălaimare.


Cristina Panait –Nastasia
Eugen Fetescu – Vulpașin
Robert Poiană – Luca
Alina Crăiță – Safta
Maria Panainte – Paraschiva
Laura Dumitrașcu –Vecina
Valentin Mihalache – Soțul vecinei
Amalia Popa –Niculina
Alex Floroiu – Ionel
Alina Bondoc – Domnica
Cristiana Savu – Sultana
Mădălin Mladinovici – Tănăsica
Mihai Mălaimare – Lăutarul


Director: Mihai Mălaimare

Assistant director : Valentin Mihalache
Production design:  Puiu Antemir
Costumes  :  Oana Drăghici
Music: Răzvan Alexandru Diaconu
Choreography :  Mirela Simniceanu
Combat scenes : Ioan Albu
Music Tech Teacher – Instrument: Aurel Buga


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