Living Statues Festival, the 8th Edition (2018)


16 living statues presented for the first time by Masca Theater, as well as 40 foreign guests from the Netherlands, Macedonia, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine and  Macedonia.

A new edition of the Living Statues Festival will take place at the Filipescu-Cesianu House in Bucharest, as well as in the capital’s , Humulești, Crangasi and  King Mihai ( Herăstrău) parks between 22-28 May.


the 2018 edition of the International Living Statues Festival that will take place between 22nd and 28th of May in Bucharest, Romania.

The living statues remain a permanent research object for us because the field is so broad and the solutions offered by the ones working within it or by the national and international festivals are rather commercial than artistic.

Our research focuses on all of the following:

  • the make-up
  • the costume
  • the character
  • the subject

but also on the way in which the gesture defines the situation, creates it, makes it appear. The audience wants to watch a show and this means first of all conflict, a subject that has to be perfectly coherent and that can offer the actor the possibility to interact with the audience.

Every edition had a theme that we, the Masca team, followed. It was impossible to ask our guests to keep it, but the interaction between our statues and theirs was always very interesting and offered the audience a wide range of expression within this fascinating theatrical discourse.

Therefore, in this years’ edition, the statues of Masca Theatre will relate to „The Lost Trades of Paris” and aim to bring to the festival the grand atmosphere of the late 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century with its streets full of cheapjacks and their screams, a true concert of a rare vitality. The slightly nostalgic atmosphere will be achieved through the porcelain statue technique, in regard of both costume and make up. The costumes of the characters taking part in the festival, created by the scenographer Adina Mastalier who used special substances, give an extraordinary expression, the surfaces on which the characters will act are very small and from the thechnique’s point of view we will study the use of the freeze frame.

International artis who won numerous awards at festivals with this specific will play along with the living statues of Masca Theatre at this years’s edition. There will be diversity, several ways of creating performances of this kind of theatrical manifestation.

Masca Theatre

„The Lost Trades of Paris”

  1. The Match Seller – Anamaria Pîslaru

You could meet her at crossroads and she was offering, in return to a few pennies, a pack of matches or sparking stones. Almost always sad, because the profit was small, she was sometimes whispering refrain as sad as her own look:

Matches, matches, maybe you buy/I am trying to live out of the money you give/Matches I sell, matches you take,/Light your fire, take, and don’t retire!

2. The Embroidery Seller – Dora Iftode

The lacery took over Paris already since the 16th century. In the 17th century, Colbert, the famous finance minister of Louis XIV of France save the French production turning it in a real industry. “In Paris, you can be dog-poor but you really need to wear gloves, silk panties and lacery” wrote Mercier. In Faubourg Saint Antoine lived the lacemakers and they were writing with their fingers the music of the silk staple!

3.The Orvietan Seller – Valentin Mihalache

Known in the whole Paris, a certain Christophe Contugi was making a real show out of his small business. The medicine he was selling and which he named Orvietan, was helping to cure all diseases in the world. “I invented the best cure / No one has it on the Earth/ The Orvietan is not bauble / It cures everything, I’m not lying!”

4.The Ribbon Seller – Sorin Dinculescu

The ribbons created a great madness in Paris, they were placed everywhere, hats, clothes, pants, shoes, of every color and made out of any kind of material, from usual wool to silk. A ribbon seller was a real burst on Seine’s shores!

5.The Broom Seller – Vera Brătfălean

Brooms, little brooms, swabs, were walking on the streets of Paris looking for those fighting against dust and garbage which were in plenty in those times! The famous shout: „broom, broooooom” was meant to be the most long-lasting up until our times!

6.The Street Lights Lighter -Andreea Bănică

In the moonless nights, the streets of Paris were a true nightmare! The firsts were the candle street lights, then the gas lights, and the street light lighter was one of the most spectacular figures the Parisian street has met!

7.The Egg Seller – Cristiana Savu

Every morning her screams were announcing breakfast and a new day for everyone, rich or poor! White eggs, red eggs were equally making the famous Parisian omelet!

8.The Singer – Alina Bondoc

People were singing on the streets of Paris about everything – about crimes, executions, love, they were singing with sorrow, they were playing accordion or violin with good cheer. The singer’s voices filled the time in Paris like a sort of singed news!

9.The Box Seller – Ionuț Ghiorghe

Spectacular in appearance, he was selling boxes of all sizes and colors! The paperboard was the most used domestic material in those times and going through the pile of boxes, which he was carrying with him, was real joy! Mademoiselles, mademoiselles / I have the bigges paperboard / For all kinds of ladies / My paperboard doesn’t sleep!

10.The Laundress – Alina Crăiță

Oh, what a spectacular figure on Seine’s shores! Nowhere in the world could anyone wash as many shirts as in Paris! But if the shirts are being washed a few times by the talkative laundresses they become just some ordinary dish cloths. Talkative like sparrows they were arguing with the passers-by and when they didn’t win by talking they were showing them their buts!

11.The Sweets Seller – Laura Dumitrașcu

The sugar was unknown for a long time before it was imported from the Indies and became a common good only in the 15th century when the cultivation of cane started in France and Spain. In the 18th century everything sweet was entitled confiture: marmelades, jams, sirups. On the street corner or in fancy stores, the sweets were part of the daily Parisian life!

12The Frying-pan Seller –Mario Garcia Valdelvira

Some of them were well-known handicraftsmen, but most of them were bogglers and they were walking over France selling and repairing frying-pans and pots. They had a whistle which often accompanied their double meaning shouting: Miss, the village says/ Your frying-pan is broken/ Here comes the boy/ Who repairs whatever is broken!

13.The Fish Seller – Cristina Panait

They were known in the whole Paris as the most vulgar, hard drinkers sellers, picking up fights and talking all day long. However, people wanted fish and seafood but without these awful sellers there would be none. So “grab some fish!”

14.The Milliner – Maria Panainte

She is young, beautiful and loves flowers and the straw hats which she garnishes as good as she cans. And sometimes when she is alone in her workshop, the hats and flowers become humans and the world is glittering like the wings of a delicate butterfly.

15.The Quilter – Daciana Voinescu

In the summer days, in the hidden corners and away from the sun and road dust, a woman was unquilting and remaking the mattresses feeling like a god who builds and destroys destinies! When her dreams were breaking apart because of a nail prick, her life was coming back to dirtiness and ugliness of the mattresses she was making.

16.Rat Poison Seller – Andrei Costin

An ugly and mysterious man was carrying his terrible poison for the terrifying rats, wandering up and down the city, hidden in coloured little boxes. The sales were going well, back then, as well as today, the rats were stuck to their business, not too sensitive to these kind of cures.

“For cow-sized rats a cat isn’t good/Just my wonderful poison kills the rats”.

Our guests

Portugalia: Helena Reis & Ana Torrie – Mr. Chocolate

Olanda: LevendTheater – Goddess of Agriculture, Heart Conquering, Mademoiselle Perfume, Prince Charming, Snow-White, The Angel, The Host, The Photographer

Olanda:  Persefona,  Fille,  Mary Poppins

Olanda: PaSSaR Performing Arts Water carrier , Meditating Buddha

Ucraina: Artel MYTH  – Mr. Showtime, Mr.&Ms. Steam, Governor, One day in the life of Ucrainians, Concordia, B-Boy, Yaroslavna, Levitating Alladin, Kosak

Germania: JohnMan– Candy Man

Macedonia: Teatrosk Theatre – Double Bass

Spania: Marta Teresa da Rocha – Music Box

Spania: Alucinarte Animacion  Teatral – The Odd Lady, The Secretary, Neptune, The Photographer, The Painter, The Angel, The Cyclist

Spania: Gardeners Theatre –  Rosita

Spania: Antonio Santos – Guitar Hero

Spania: Francisco Aguado Añonuevo –  Manuscrito

Portugalia:  Nuno Faria-   Fernando Pessoa,  Carlos Ferreira –  Eca de Queiroz, Susana Sousa  Duchess , Carolina Dias Selling Portuguese, Strapafourd – Cabaret

UK: David French – He who is Red

The Festival will take place from 22-28 May  2018 and will take place at:

  • Casa Filipescu Cesianu ( Calea Victoriei) – 22 may

  •  Humulești park – 23-24 may

  • Crângași park – 25-26 may
  • King Mihai ( Herăstrău)  park – 27-28 may

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