The International Festival of Living Statues, 6th Edition (2016)

The 6th edition of The International Festival of Living Statues

Without doubt, this is the most solid edition until this moment from in regard of the participants as well as the quality of the performances.

Masca paid particular attention to the living statue in this period and created no less than 40 new statues besides those not participating in the festival. We opened our doors for the first time, in a very determined way, to young artists as well, working under our oversight. Therefore we are convinced they will make a remarcable performance in front of the audience.

We are extending this edition in two of the most interesting parks in Bucharest, Crângași and Alexandru Ioan Cuza, we are organizing the night of the living statues at the Cesianu House (Victory Avenue) and advertising the festival two days before with the help of our living statues in various places in the capital city of Romania. We invited 20 creators of living statues from abroad, being much appreciated in their countries and having various rewards in Europe and all over the world, to join us at this festival. The International Festival of Living Statues looks very promising at the moment and will certainly have a huge impact. Bucharest is one of the few capital cities in the world where the living statue has such an event.

The 6th edition takes place in the year of Brâncuși (the Romanian sculptor) and it is right to dedicate him two statues to bring him in front of the audience and make it remember him. The first one is representing Brâncuși in his studio in Paris and the second one The Prayer, one of his first famous statues. Besides these living statues we prepared a fashion exhibition created in Brâncuși style.

This is the edition which testifies the presence of Masca Theatre on the scene of living statues, through its own creations, but mostly through the effort of handing down its own experience to young artists, by organizing special courses for them and by their participation in the festival.

Masca Theatre will present two absolutely special shows. Created in the living statues technique, these shows – The Wall and Lenin`s Ark – are defining the singularity of Masca Theatre.

BRÂNCUȘI (Massimiliano Nugnes)– „To the boundlessnes of the air” – this is my bird

PRAYER (Florentina Panait) – Conceived by Brâncuși as a statue – for the grave of a lawyer from the city Ploiești, Romania – Prayer is a requiem. It stands as a symbol of the power to remember!

MISS HAVISHAM (Anamaria Pîslaru) – Miss Havisham experiences again her scattered love memories between a photo album with the picture of her beloved who never came to the wedding, a few fortuneteller books and two figurines preserved from the wedding cake (The Groom and The Bride, whose destiny she hopes to control). Everything is enveloped in a cobweb of Death.

TROLL IN LOVE (Alex Floroiu) – In the Northern European mythology, the Troll is a supernatural being that lives far away from people, hidden in deep caves. Our Troll though is nice, enjoyable and wants to get married.

RICĂ – A MASHER (Valentin Mihalache, Mădălin Mladinovici) – Rică, the exquisite masher, doesn`t know that he is threat by a deathly danger.

PARASCHIVA (Sorin Dinculescu) – Devasted by Paraschiva`s infidelity, the man finds his refuge in the painful memory of the betrayed love, of the sacrifice made to keep her and, of course, in the wine flask. So to get hurt – seems to be saying – those who will love Paraschiva.

CONFUCIUS (Cosmin Crețu): Confucius – the great Chinese philosopher – tries to aim that the world can be beautiful and good!

PLOICEMAN FROM THE COLONIES (Nicolae Pungă) – Somewhere in India, a Policemen directs traffic… meanwhile he is thinking at the most beautiful woman in the world.

FRIDA KAHLO (Dora Iftode) – Frida Kahlo, the Mexican chair-ridden painter – because of multiple surgeries suffered after a terrible bus accident in her youth – paints and experiences again the past moments of happiness…

THE TYPIST (Alina Crăiță) – A typist who doesn`t know how to type? What`s to wonder about? She`s likeable, she knows to do her nails, to smile nicely, to drink coffee and, if it`s a must, she can remember that sometimes in her dream she was a smashing typist.

RAPUNZEL (Laura Dumitrașcu) – Rapunzel loves The Prince and he is head over heels in love with her; only the jealous Witch stands in the way of the most beautiful love story.

MIȚA THE CYCLIST (Ioana Rufu) – She was a famous and appreciated courtesan in Bucharest during the interwar period. She was the first woman in Romania to ride a bicycle; at the seaside, she loved to take a bath in odd minimal swimsuits. In those extraordinary years The Cyclist Mița has fascinated the men`s thoughts!

THE FALLEN ANGEL (Alex Robu) – Landed on a foreign and hostile planet, The Angel got tired, the wings do not help him anymore… As if all the sins of the world gathered to make his flight more difficult.

THE BALLERINA (Virginia Vasilache) – Betratyed in her love, the ballerina is desperate, her dance is sad. Is she going to overcome it, is she going to become the ballerina she once was?

THE LYN TURTLE (Maria Pantoianu) – An old, huge turtle smokes and experiences the happy moments of a overwhelming past youth.

THE DRAGON (Sabina Mitrea) – As in the oldest stories, our Dragon dances and tries to be as terrifying as possible. As all dragons do!

THE TERRACOTTA SOLDIERS (Cezara Păunescu, Crăița Mladinovici) – Landed – for an unknown reason in the 21st century – amazed by everything they see arpund, they`re doing what they know best: preparing for a dead-life battle!

THE JAPANESE WOMAN (Amalia Popa, Andreea Corneanu): What can be more beautiful and delicate than two geishas in a Tea Pavilion?

MA`AM Chirița (Anamaria Ioniță): Ma`am Chirița, healthy (with no worries) she is putting makeup on, she drinks and smokes like a chimney!

BLACK ANGEL (Marina Pleșa): Emerging from the abyss of all the fears, The Black Angel contains a strange beauty!

THE OPERA SINGER (Alina Bondoc): „La ci darem la mano” is the famous duet from Don Giovanni by Mozart which our singer tries to perform by herself.

OFELIA (Anca Pascu): Captured by the deepest sadness, Ophelia tells to the whole world: Goodnight, my ladies, goodnight!

ANDROMACHE (Rodica Pașca): The beautiful Andromache looks from the walls of Troja at the fight between Hector, her husband, and the merciless Achilles. She would like that the love and innocence of their child to be a shield for him. The cruel destiny doesn`t hear her fervent prayers and Andromache is overwhelmed by a never-ending sadness.

CATHERINE (Lavinia Cosma): Madly in love with Heathcliff, Catherine decides to write the most beautiful love letter. So, she imagines that he is there, that he takes her in his arms, that they dance together, that indeed the world is unspeakably beautiful!

THE GOLDEN HATTER (Monalisa Toncu): A golden Hatter carries through the world his strange smile and his disposition to play jokes!

THE TANGO DANCER (Cristiana Savu): A sad and passionate tango, a lost love, a dancer that tries to tell us her sad story…

MADAME LUCOVICI (Iulia Cristescu): In 1828, Madame Lucovici opens in Bucharest the first drug store with products invented by I. Miller. She cleverly sells them always with a warm smile. The drugs are able to stop immediately any toothache. There are ointments for beauty, patches for warts, pomade for auburn, black or blond moustaches. At the French Lane, under the dwellings of the physician Mihalache, madame Lucovici was selling her ointments with a smile!

THE MUSIC BOX (Adela Mihai): A real Princess that seems to dance, to comfort you, on the lid of a music box!

RICHARD III (Ilinca Dinculescu, Oliver Tunstall): Lady Ann meets Richard III, the murderer of her husband. Is he going to win her heart?

THE WAITER (Gabriel Blodoi): Is there anything simpler than a drunken waiter who knows to dance step? Enjoy!

THE GIPSY GIRL (Alina Tofan): Inspired by a painting of Nicolae Grigorescu, a beautiful little gipsy girl dances and tries to guess your fortune.

ENDLESS DRESS (show in dynamics)

THE WALL (Eugen Fetescu, Cristina Panait): Caught in the merciless embrace of The Wall, He and She live their lives thinking about escape. They are trying it in every moment, in every thought.

LENIN`S ARK (Cosmin Crețu, Sorin Dinculescu, Anamaria Pîslaru, Nicolae Pungă, Dora Iftode, Massimiliano Nugnes, Valentin Mihalache, Mădălin Mladinovici, Florentina Panait, Robert Poiană, Cristina Panait, Alex Floroiu, Eugen Fetescu, Ioana Rufu, Laura Dumitrașcu): Lenin`s Ark is a show about the communist world during the Stalinist period, a world recreated for the stage out of images representing statues that glorified the proletcultism.

Guests from Abroad


Woody the WOODman (Johnman – Germany): A symbiosis between man and nature is possible. Woody the WOODman, remembering Gepetto, is dressed in a wooden costume, carrying a tree. Right after his birth, Woody stepped into the world, exploring nature, interacting with people around him.

Lady Mina is Polishing (LEVEND THEATER – Netherlands): Mina Polish is an amusing lady who loves to clean. Besides polishing the floor she also likes to polish… the audience.

Willem I (LEVEND THEATER – Netherlands): The first Dutch king was Willem I. He ruled from 1813 to 1840 with pride and power.

King Midas (LEVEND THEATER – Netherlands): He was the legendary king of Phrygia. According to the Greek mythology everything he touched was turned into gold. Unfortunately, at the end he turned himself into gold.

Admiral Nelson (MARICEL HARABAGIU – UK): He was the greatest naval commander of Great Britain, the admiral who defeated in 1805, at the Battle of Trafalgar, the French and Spanish fleets.

Swing into the castle of Cycles (MILENA STOJCEVSKA – Macedonia): Is a protest about the loss of social values? Swinging into the castle of Cycles speaks about society and about the simple actions. The swing and the bicycle are symbols of a world in which we are living: the swing as an urge to preserve our innocence and the bicycle as a way to keep the air clean in the haste-ridden towns.

Syncope (NEOMIE MAGGENI – Israel): Syncope, a unique figure that emerges from the Medieval period, it brings together musical elements that merge in a fabulous way.

Mossman (ADORABELtheatre – Netherlands): The man made out of moss is shy… He likes to hide in trees, in grass or anywhere in the nature. Can you see him?

A night in Venice (ADORABELtheatre – Netherlands): The mysterious lady escaped from a masquerade ball in Venice. She is sad. Was she abandoned by her lover? Are you going to dance with her to ease her pain?

Psyche (ADORABELtheatre – Netherlands): She is the goddess that embodies the human soul, the wife of Eros, the god of Love.

Van Der Werff (ADORABELtheatre – Ntherlands): He was the mayor of Leiden (Netherlands) who – during the Spanish invasion (when people were starving to death) – offered his body as food for the citizens.

Romeo and Juliet (STRAPAFOURD – Portugal): Love beyond death. Petrified by the terrible feeling of loss, Romeo holds his beloved in his arms… an eternal embrace that brings love beyond the limits of time and space.

Shaking Dog (ROMAN ERMAKOV – Russia): The dog shakes off the cosmic dust that felt over him from a faraway planet. This dust turns him into an inhabitant of that planet, but he has no clue about it.

Medieval Love Affair (Miriam Klaassen – Netherlands): The knight is in love with her… Will he conquer her heart… or will be you the one will do it?

First Date (Robert Shangle – USA): There is eagerness and clumsiness during a first date…

Charlie Chaplin (AspasiA – Netherlands): Who doesn`t know the lovable comedian of the `20 and `30? The character – with amusing movements, but with a deep message – returns! Charlie Chaplin was a famous actor who knew how to make people laugh and cry. Now he returns to show his personality to the Romanian audience and to make it laugh. He is a statue. Watch him! He can move!

The Florist (AspasiA – Netherlands): The Florist tries to sell his flowers in a charming way. But, at the end, he changes his mind and wants to keep all the flowers or himself…




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