Living Statues, 5th Edition (2015)

Mysterious, surprising, often funny, sometimes deep, the living statue cannot be overlooked: it draws gazes like a magnet, it incites comments, it proposes meditations about the human condition, and it can never be forgotten.” 

30 May – 1 June 2015, Crângași Park, fifth edition!

With this fifth edition, marking the 25th anniversary of Masca Theatre, we return to our apostolic mission that of creating an authentic cultural experience for the people that most need the theatre: the neighbourhoods a long way off from the Capital’s centre. This year it was Crângași neighbourhood and sector 6, the place where we are welcomed, respected, loved and awaited. During this edition, the stages in Crângași Park hosted many living statues from abroad, but also more than 20 statues and statue groups created especially by Masca for this edition. The audience was able to admire, choose their favourites and comment on them, as there was plenty to choose from. But, most importantly, the audience had the opportunity to experience the fascinating and often troubling stories of the living statues included in this edition, which we intended to be the best one yet. The great weather, the beautiful green park, and the generous audience that came in overwhelming numbers, all helped make this edition a success. And another advantage, I must say it again, was the respect and admiration of the people in the local administration of sector 6, who welcomed and supported us with dedication and professionalism.

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