Living Statues, 2nd Edition (2012)

The second edition, 2012 was dominated by the figure of Caragiale, under the motto “I feel enormously and I see monstrously”

Masca Theatre organized, between 1 and 4 June, the second edition of the International Living Statues Festival, in Herastrau Park. At the entrance from Charles de Gaulle Plaza, on Caryatid Alley, at the Modura Fountain, and on the pathway leading to Expoflora, visitors could encounter spectacular characters. For four days, the park was animated by the surprises prepared by Masca Theatre, by the silent theatre performances of the British company, by the fire circus shows, and by a host of living statues.
As the first edition of the festival was received with emotion by a very responsive audience, the second edition was dominated by the personality of Caragiale, bearing the motto “I feel enormously and I see monstrously”. The works of the great playwright did not monopolize the event: literature dominated this edition, and the living statues took visitors into the world of Shakespearean characters, or the fantasy world of the Olympian gods, into the fairytales of childhood, and among the memories – some comical, and some romantic – of old Bucharest, with its elite, its boyars and its peasants, a diverse mix of people that once animated “the Paris of the East”. Visitors had the opportunity to discover a magical world, where each statue had its own unique story to tell.
The International Living Statues Festival is the only one of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe, and its first edition was organized last year at the initiative of Masca Theatre. The event hosted artists from Italy, Netherlands, Germany, UK and Romania.
Shadows (Romania)
Shadows was was built in the spring of 2006, based on the desire of the founding members to create and experience an atmosphere of team spirit and unity, unconventional art and a passion for street performances. Being at a stage that involves experimenting, they tried to offer elements they were familiar with – theatre, dance – in conjunction with circus arts; thus, they found a new form of expression that combines all the performing arts, and manages to be exciting for the audience and challenging for themselves.
Shadows stands for friendship, passion, art, impact, spontaneity, communication, circus, joy.
Bash Street Theatre (UK)
Bash Street was first launched in front of a 3,000-strong audience in the French town of Morlaix in 1991 as part of “Les Arts dans la Rue” international street festival. This first show – a compilation of sketches involving circus skills, live music and silent comedy, proved so popular that it created a style for the company that still exists today.
Over the years the company has built a reputation for inventive and fast-moving comic-strip shows. Bash Street have performed to over 300,000 people of all ages, in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Japan and Hong Kong.
Metroccolis (Germany)
Metroccolis, a Berlin-based theatre company, mesmerises its audiences worldwide with their only great passion: mime!
In the last 15 years they have been working to develop various projects, including indoor and outdoor shows, from short mime sketches to the impressive production of their exceptional robot act. While keeping costumes and stage design to a minimum, they focus on the defining features of the mime: the technique and the body skills, which are as crucial as the story itself.
Their countless worldwide performances are a guarantee that they are on the right track.
– Chris Channing (Italy)
Chris Channing is a mime, actor, designer and director who worked in classic and modern theatre at home in Great Britain, as well as in cabaret in Paris. He currently lives and works in Italy.
As well as being a guest of many festivals in and around Europe, Chris Channing works regularly at museum and gallery openings, gala evenings and on Italian television.
Chris Channing is the only professional performer in Europe who specialises in the recreation and interpretation of classic fine art portraits, which he has developed into an art form in its own right.
Francesca Krnjak (Italy)
Francesca Krnjak is an accomplished artist, with a ten-year experience in her arts. She is actively involved in all the classic and experimental shows she produces. The core of her own experience is a blend of theatre, street theatre and dance. These are, in fact, the art forms she has practiced as a dancer, street performer, mime and storyteller.
She has participated in many festivals, including: Ferrara Buskers Festival (Italy), Pflasterspektakel (Austria), Street Life (Germany), Sharp Sharp (Berna), Pennabilli (Italy), Osijek Festival (Croatia), World Statue (Netherlands), Vȁraždīn Festival (Croatia).
Her special costumes and poetic imagery bring a touch of delicacy to any event she attends.
Pop-art: Kiss (Netherlands)
This show is presented by the Living Statues Organisation in the Netherlands. They have been a part of many festivals, winning the hearts of audiences, but also many awards.
Terra (Netherlands)
Impressive, strange, vulnerable, fun. A show that takes hold of you and makes you aware.
The seemingly lifeless stone conceals a hungry fire raging within. Six animated beings are covered in a hard, cold shell. Mixed emotions boil up into a turmoil and break through the hardened lava. UNAVOIDABLY.
Their petrified dance demonstrates their lust for life.
MAN, the viewer’s own reflection in the mirror. UNIVERSAL, like the connection to our origins – EARTH.
It all plays out in an acoustic scenery so intense it gives you hope…
– Henry White (Italy)
Henry White became a living statue by assuming a mix of his own passions: writing, cinema, the history of baroque costumes, spiritual meditation, and Tai Chi Chuan.
His performances involve white marble statues, inspired by the rich repertoire of statues found in Italian piazzas and palaces. His technique is defined by a systematic search for the MATERIAL, for the defining trick, for the tissue and the texture, for the characters and the typologies of European figurative art.

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