CAND DRAGOSTEA POARTA PASLARI is a commedia dell ‘arte show containing all the necessary ingredients to entertain, to captivate and seduce audiences of all ages. Two elders, Pantalone and Cicognato, secretly fall in love with each other’s daughter. Pantalone loves Biancifiore and Cicognato Isabella. But the young and beautiful Biancifiore is, in turn, in love with the son of Pantalone, Flaminio, while charming Isabella is lusts for Spingarda, a wealthy soldier arrived to Venice on vacation. The two elders, assisted by their servants, Capestro and Traccagnino, try to win the love of the young ladies, but many unforeseen events preclude the fulfillment of their dreams. It’s a classic story, in which life of the noble intersect with those of servants, with constant changes of sketches, with many disguises and misunderstandings. Hilarious moments alternate with dramatic ones,there are romantic scenes and funny scenes,all noisy and traditional.


Pantalone dei Bisognosi veneziano – Dora Iftode

Isabella figlia – Alina Crăiţă

Flaminio figlio – Cristi Neacșu

Oliva serva Georgiana Vrațiu

Traccagnino servo – Răzvan Teodorescu

Spingarda mercenario – Cosmin Creţu

Cicognato Becchettone dottore – Anamaria Pîslaru

Biancifiore figlia – Emilia Manea

Capestro servo – Eugen Fetescu

Franceschina serva – Ioana Rufu


Creative Team:

Scenariul și Regia – Michele Modesto Casarin

Asistent de Regie – Manuela Massimi

Muzica  Gabriel Bassarabescu

Costume – Licia Lucchese

Scenenografie şi măşti – Stefano Perocco di Meduna

Lupte scenice – Ioan Albu

Canto – Haricleea Bădescu

Croitorie – Sonia Marianni, Caterina Volpato

Păpuşi – Laura Dumitraşcu – Duică

Parteneri si colaboratori:

Un proiect dezvoltat de
Superior Media