STIL(L) URBAN ( Living Statues)



COLUMBINA (Cristina Panait)

Bored of everyone and everything, Columbina makes superhuman efforts to remember that she is, nevertheless, one of the most interesting theater characters.


The most beautiful statue from the Bellu Cemetery, The Lady with the Umbrella, tells a beautiful sad story to those who know how to listen.

THE WAITING (Valentin Mihalache, Eugen Fetescu, Robert Poiană)

No one knows where they come from and what are they waiting to happen but it is clear that they are here and their thoughts are somewhere else.

THE FLOWERED SHOE (Cristiana Savu, Nicolae Popescu)

They are young, they are beautiful, they love each other and they don`t care they are coming from the 16th century!

GILBERT & GEORGE (Sorin Dinculescu, Nicolae Pungă)

Two artists coming from England, still living and creating, suggested once the idea of living sculpture!


The joy of playing seems to be broken by the fear that someone could come and steal her childhood!

THE FRENCH WOMEN (Laura Dumitrașcu, Laura Buric)

Stylish, always laughing and talking, two French women are taking a walk through the Latin Neighborhood

THE CARYATIDS (Oana Nemeș, Alex Budacă)

When they escape from their task to sustain the huge weight of the column on their heads, our Caryatids discover love at first sight.


It looks like a mannequin from a storefront, but not always what it seems to be is also true.


THE REMEMBRANCE (Anamaria Pîslaru)

Old and alone, a lady remembers the time when the tango of love was danced in two!

THE FLOWER (Marina Pleșa)

Detached from the silence of the stone in which she was chiseled, the statue holds close to her chest a flower from a story which only she knows.

THE BOTTLE (Mădălin Mladinovici)

He is trying to take another sip but the bottle seems to be far, far away…

THE TALISMAN (Alina Bondoc)

In the famous neighborhood of pleasures in Bucharest, the Stone Cross, a young woman tries to sell her charms while her tears are running down her face as her beloved, who left for the war, could not be saved by the talisman she gave him.

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